Dangers Of Using False Oil For Vehicles

Dangers Of Using False Oil For Vehicles - The lubricating oil of the engine or that the engine oil is better known and indeed many kinds. Depending the type of use of the machinery itself which requires the right oil to increase or preserve the lifetime (life time) engine.

Dangers Of Using False Oil For Vehicles

All types of oil are essentially the same. I.e. as a lubricant so that the engine runs smooth and hassle free. At the same time serve as a cooling and insulating. The oil contains layers of smooth, serve to prevent conflict between the metal components metal with minimal machine possible, prevent scratches or wear and tear. For some specific purposes, special application on certain functions, oli claimed has a number of additional functions.

Current users of motorcycles growing so that the demand for oil or lubricant certainly increased.

But unfortunately, this condition is exploited by unscrupulous rogue to manufacture fake oil which obviously can be detrimental to consumers.

Hence, let baseball ketipu buy fake oil, how do I tell the difference with the original oil?

Described Full-blooded Subagyo, Brand Manager for Small Engine Oil Lubricants, PT Pertamina way distinguishes it can be started from recognizing the packaging.

"To identify the fake oil, note printing production code, such as at oil Pertamina is on the lid and the neck of the bottle, if different, ought to be suspected," said Full-blooded to GridOto.com, not long ago.

In addition, Full-blooded also mentions there is a logo on a sticker that can only be seen through infrared.

"Other ways to recognize fake oil can by looking at the logo on the packaging, the" Frank Full-blooded.

False oil logo does have a very similar appearance, but the logo on the packaging usually use low quality printing.

Full-blooded suggested, to avoid false oil, buy oil only in places that are trusted.

And here's the danger or impact if using false oil for the motor.

False oil circulation is very detrimental if used the rider to his motorcycle.

The use of fake oil has some impact is bad for the engine.

"The false oil Usually have lower quality, so that pelumasannya is less good and potentially damaging the engine," said Subagyo, Full-blooded Brand Small Engines Oil Manager PT Pertamina Lubricants to GridOto.

It is also said to be Staunchly Aristiawan, head of the Big Wing Astra Motor Mechanic, thinks the use of the fake on the motorcycle oil can cause damage to the machine.

"The effect of the engine can create various ranging from mild to severe," it said.

There are several symptoms in the motor caused by using false oil.

"The symptoms the engine sound is rough, while passes the tooth feels hard or rough, and fast engine heat," continued.

The most severe effects, if the false oil continued to be used, can cause a fatal impact such as damage to the piston and cylinder.

When it's this, surely it would be a great loss, because of the need to replace the faulty parts that cost is not cheap.

Yes, remember the role oli so important for machines, in addition to reducing friction between components in the engine room, the oil also can clean and protect the components of the machine so as not to wear out quickly. So be sure to oil your the motor original, Yes.

That's about Dangers Of Using False Oil For Vehicles. Thank you.

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