Hankook Tire Achieves a Bronze Award in the IDEA of 2017

Hankook Tire Achieves a Bronze Award in the IDEA of 2017 - Hankook Tire is a multinational company that produces a wide range of products. The company was founded in 1941. Based in Seoul, South Korea. The company generally employs 14,000 workers in 2009.
Hankook Tire Achieves a Bronze Award in the IDEA of 2017
As part of the commemoration of 70 anniversary since we stand, in 2011, we are starting to build production facilities in Chongqing, China, and Bekasi, Indonesia, it really strengthens our growth capabilities. In addition, Hankook Tire suppliers were declared official for Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) in Germany, one of the three competition touring cars of the world, and start to become a reference for research centers with technologically advanced equipment in the year 2014.

Hankook Tire, the tire company to global-scale premium received the Bronze Award and as a finalist for their innovative futuristic concept tire at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2017.

"The success that we have achieved through the prestigious award of the three best design competition in the world is proving global recognition against the Hankook Tire over the ability of innovative design philosophy for the future," said Seung Hwa Suh, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hankook Tire, as quoted from the site Hankooktire.com, Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

The IDEA of a prestigious international design competition is sponsored annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and judged by top design experts from all over the world.

Hankook Tire Achieves a Bronze Award in the IDEA of 2017This event is known as one of the three most prestigious awards in the world besides the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award. There are five criteria for judging this year which include design innovation, experience for users (user experience), benefits for users (user benefits), social responsibility and aesthetic impression.

"Hankook Tire Flexup received the Bronze Award in the IDEA of 2017, reflect the innovative design that can point us to the future drive and presenting innovative brand image," said Seung Hwa.

Shiftrac received the award finalists, who managed to prove the design philosophy with an orientation to the future and shows the innovative technology as the leading premium global companies.

Flexup is the vehicle charged one man who can access hard terrain like stairs, banging and other things in the city with the narrow road conditions, with the principle of moving the tire tread widened or contracting, until it reaches a speed of 35 km/h in the city environment.

Shiftrac is the concept of Hyper-based Agility tires, designed to perform the movement smooth and agile in the large cities, through the principle of a transitional or skating that pushes outwards, allowing good acceleration around the bend and on certain field changes.

Hankook Tire's Design Innovation through 2016 – exclusive sponsorship program Hankook Tire who collaborated with students from the universities of world famous design companies collaborating with the University of Cincinatti to design and manufacture the Flexup and Shiftrac.

"As the leading premium tire company in the global realm with excellence technology and cutting edge design, Hankook Tire design innovations will continue to provide extensive driving experience in the future," he said.

That's Hankook Tire Achieves a Bronze Award in the IDEA of 2017. Thank you.

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