Some Tips To Consider In Buying A Used Car

Some Tips To Consider In Buying A Used Car - Used car sales always rise ahead of the feast because some people want to use private vehicles for the home village.
Some Tips To Consider In Buying A Used Car
We put together a few questions from readers about tips on buying a used car. The following answer from Suparman, Chief of the Auto repair shop 2000 Yos Sudarso.

1. What is the criteria for a good used car engine?
a. check the attainment of kilometers on the dashboard meters then see also the year and month the purchase of his car, then assuming average if live in greater Jakarta every day car running (100 kilometer) can directly estimate provided in the meter are still original or has been changed.
b. If the information gets diligent service in the official repair shop and even easier to get the data final KM.
c. If there is engine oil replacement hangers please try check KM the engine oil replacement last.
d. New we can check part part engines are:
  • -Check the engine room of the upper and lower clean conditions or much dust oil leak &;
  • -Check the amount of engine oil and engine oil quality with felt sticky and smells;
  • -Then the engine in turn listen while the first life is there Abnormal sound sound (Idling);
  • -Raise the rpm up to 3,000 then listen again is there any Abnormal sound;
  • -Gas engines with up to 5,000 rpm suddenly just a moment and escape back to the Idle position check on exhaust gas exhaust is there white color or clean waste gas, listen to the sounds on the engine as well. If the exhaust gases are white and there are Abnormal sounds on the engine indication already occurred as the engine oil leaks or wear (less engine good condition).
e. attempting to test the road and feel if there were the sound of the engine abnormal sound means a space fuel dirty a lot of crust need additional engine maintenance costs.

Engine power feels heavy. When this road test could also be in the incoming transitions teeth feel easy or difficult to sign in (1, 2, 3, 4-5/R) Manual or Matic. When the above terms not found condition is most likely the engine is still good.

2. What are the characteristics of the car's engine was ever submerged flood?
If for the engine visually from the outside to see if there are any traces of rust rust mud. At among the hard in clear in the machinery (needed skill is reserved) let alone machine already in the do care salon and seller usually do not allow to open open engine parts. That's easy in search even on the inside of the car with the feel of it.

3. what kind of Collision affects the quality of the machine?
Main thing is in the event of a collision and collision on the part of the engine, it could be from the bottom and the front.
  • a. the bottom usually occurs when the crashing border road pavement or concrete way bus engines could rupture
  • b. the front kind of collision mightily enough to position can shift the engine toward the rear so that the following machine transmission to push backwards until the rubber broke mounting.
4. When doing a test drive a used car, what to look for?
  • a. don't turn on audio (tape, cd, mp3) etc. While the test drive, because we will feel the condition of the car.
  • b. feel when begins the way from 0-50 km/h if there is such a thing or the sound of a sound that is not normal.
  • c. feel when 50-120 km/h speed will usually sound (tires, wheel bearings, transmission, four wheel) when conditions are less good will arise the sound.
  • d. When the speed of 120 km/h on the Motorway are also feeling the car swaying swing swinging or out loud, when it feels so additional repair costs Shock Absorber or a ban.
  • e. Select road variation conditions between of asphalt, concrete, block and the street con perforated while listen is there a beep sounds at the bottom to make sure the foot feet in good condition.
5. How to distinguish original machines and components are fake?
If a part is mounted a little difficult for the layman to distinguish because already more advanced how emulate distinguishes usually prices and life time use the age short. You can be sure to buy a original Part in authorized dealer Auto2000 Toyota there is warranty real.

6. What should be done after consumers buy a used car?
We recommend that before buying a used car, ask if there is a history of its service? where it would be easier if a used car purchased diligent in outpatient service station official. As in the Auto2000 example, a Toyota vehicle serviced in Auto2000 surely recorded history services.

The system also means that the online is online, all branches and his workshop (from one branch to another branch) system and the data is already integrated and connected. Well if there is no service history, customers can start with the recording of the new service.

For vehicles Toyota, you can come to Auto2000 to perform periodic repair KM that is closest to replace the complete oil (engine, transmission, Garda) from here customers began to record the history of service vehicles that will be in use daily.

So easy to remember will be the next service when it's time. If you have a record of service, you have more value when want to sell back your vehicle. Any price could be better.

9. other suggestions and tips for buying a used car?
  • a. make sure the letter letter of REGISTRATION, the original VEHICLE REGISTRATION corresponding & between engine and number jenson;
  • b. search for a used car that is clearly the origin of history fixes;
  • c. Search used cars that are smooth or original body not his former impingement, flooded, or blemished because the cost of repair of the body more expensive compared with other car components;
  • d. Search places selling reliable used cars (car or Autotrust 88) it had authorized dealers;
  • e. Search friends, brother of the reference source is obvious;
  • f. Merry hunting used cars of the highest quality.
That's Some Tips To Consider In Buying A Used Car. Thank you.

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  1. Actually, I hadn't paid enough attention to the sounds tested car make while driving, so now I'll be more careful on that in the future, thanks for noting that! Actually, I had just one very car in my lifetime for now, and it is the used toyota I found by the craigslist's ad. When I met with seller and saw that auto at the first time, I was like about to pay that guy all the money, jump into car and to ride off into the sunset right away, but a friend of mine warned me before the meeting to get the VIN of a vehicle at first, in order to check it through this website in order to get to know about any issue with the car's history on accidents and repairs. Lucky me, everything was was alright with it, so I'm still kicking that toyota and barely think about purchasing a new one!