Tips To Take Care Of An Old Motorcycle Engine

Tips To Take Care Of An Old Motorcycle Engine - Are you a fan of the old motor? or will be join in the world of the old motor? Yep, the old barriers are indeed many motor, not everyone wants the old motor in the machine, besides the old motor is very complicated, and auto parts are already scarce in this country. But there is no harm if you are indeed right hobby with the old machine. You're on the right path, the term may be arguably "stray on the right road" indeed is a bit naughty but the proverb is indeed fact happens if you experienced it. he he he.
Tips To Take Care Of An Old Motorcycle Engine
Motor classic boastings individually if you are able to treat and care for it, so the original motor classic stay awake even though the vehicle was. What could make the old motor still awake? In addition to engine maintenance, paint and accessories of care became central to the old motorcycle lovers.

Some of the many brands of old motor still surviving in Indonesia, in addition to many classic vehicle hobby community, the younger generation not to be outdone his enthusiasm toward this old motor. Some examples of famous brands are: BMW, BSA, Binter, Vespa, Norton, CB and others. Among these brands, there is indeed a community and of course the specifics of each brand is different. Well on this occasion how to and tutorials will discuss the outline of how the old motor caring tips:

1. engine lubrication oil change periodically
Lubricating the machine very vital against an old motorcycle engine performance, do turn of the engine oil once a month, don't forget to be adapted to the type and specifications, because the engine motor consists of 2 No 4 or no. Oil is the most important component to protect the engine from large to very small though, so it's not to late to change the oil.

2. check ignition devices
All things related to electricity to look at these old motors. Among others, Platinum, body wires, battery, etc. If there are any bare wires or chipped wherever possible replace with a new one. We recommend that you cable that was already cracked and disconnected do not spliced, but must be replaced in order to minimize the occurrence of new electrocution on electricity.

3. always use original spare parts
Duplicate spare parts often become a mainstay for any workshop or an old motorcycle lovers, yes indeed in addition to streamline the time and cost of spare parts duplicate often can still given an alternative way with crystal clear waters. But the age of fake spare parts could be counted on the fingers, at least 5 months already have to replace a new one, as much as possible use the original spare parts. minimum wear Super KW. If you hard to find original spare parts.

4. Wash the motor periodically
This time relating to hygiene, vulnerable old Motor will sand dust and sand that might have been the old settles on this old iron. To prevent dirty it is recommended to wash this old motorcycle periodically. Because cleanliness is part of faith. As much as possible the original paint has to be maintained in order to value authenticity and value have satisfaction will be higher.

5. Keep contact with the entire community of lovers of the old motor
This is the most important thing concerning the socialization. The community is everything, because if there is no community is sure you won't be at home taking care of the old motor. Maybe you will just become a collector without a attention machine and others. Established by the old fellow lovers of motor hospitality will be very good. Who knows at any time you can barter a car part that you do not have it. Similarly, if you have spare parts which others don't have it,

So how old motor caring tips. At the time of this sophisticated a rare old motorcycle lovers, because of this hobby is an asset because not all people choose this hobby. Congratulations and be active and keep old motorcycle is always you. Brotherhood Greetings!

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